About Us

Music is an important part of everyday life, and technology is ubiquitous. Information technology transforms sectors such as business, health, finance, and music are transforming. Artificial intelligence is disrupting the music sector landscape by making it easier to produce, transmit, preserve, perform, publish, and connect to fans like never. Services like music streaming help discover new artists and make playlists. The music industry is also facing multiple challenges in the era of technology. 


Music and Tech Conference is a unique platform to discuss digital transformation and business opportunities in the music industry with artists, musicians, managers, compositors, promoters, academia, government, experts in technology and digital platforms, finance, lawyers, experts in intellectual property, copyright, patent, and more.

The idea is to discuss the music industry’s transformation through information technology and the opportunities digital technology offers to impact lives. The Music and Tech Conference explores various topics, including presentations, workshops, panels, keynotes, and training.




The conference aims to connect the various stakeholders of the technological ecosystem and the music industry to create economic opportunity. Specifically, the conference aims to: 


1) Raise awareness among all music industry players and technology leaders on the importance of digital technology in the music industry’s transformation.

2) Explore and facilitate debates around creating business opportunities for growth for all kinds of professionals in the music industry.

3) Encourage strengthening the two ecosystems through technical sessions, practical training, and networking opportunity. 

The Music and Tech Conference is organized by profIT Development Consulting LLC (profIT).