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Music and Tech Conference is an important revolutionary event that ties music and the IT world together in order to advance the kind of business revenue stream that an artist can have.

Karen Fuller Veloz, PHD

Florida International University - School of Business Director

Why you should join

Attending the Music and Tech Conference offers an exceptional opportunity to explore the benefits of AI-Powered insights in music to enhance performance in business and life. Here’s why you should be a part of this transformative event:

Business Opportunities: Discover the limitless potential of combining music and technology to unlock exciting business prospects. Regardless of whether you’re an artist, an entrepreneur, or a seasoned industry expert, there are boundless opportunities for expansion and innovative partnerships waiting to be explored.

Impactful Discussions
: Engage in thought-provoking dialogues delving into the dynamic fusion of music and technology. Participate in expertly moderated forums, interactive Q&A sessions, and compelling debates that delve into this realm’s diverse array of challenges and opportunities.

Exposure to Emerging Tech
: Discover the potential of AI, virtual reality, blockchain, and other innovative technologies.

: Join a vibrant community of musicians, tech enthusiasts, industry leaders, and innovators. Establish meaningful connections, participate in collaborative projects, and grow your professional network.

Who will attend?

Musicians and artists, tech experts, producers, academics, lawyers, copyright specialists, experts in intellectual property law, tech innovators, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers will explore the advantages of AI-Powered insights in music for improving business and life performance.


Renowned music, tech and business experts will be delivering keynote addresses.
Industry leaders will participate in panel discussions to address pressing topics.
Attend workshops and hands-on sessions demonstrating practical uses of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology in music.
Opportunities for networking with professionals in music, tech, and related industries.

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Conference 2023

Music and Tech Conference's objective is to analyze the music industry's transformation through the incorporation of information technology and to evaluate the potential impacts of music and digital technology on both business operations and the everyday lives of individuals.

“Music kept me off the streets and out of trouble and gave me something that was mine that no one could take away from me.” — Eddie Van Halen